"You're late. Grab a seat and lets's get started."

The chair is awfully pneumatic. You fiddle with the gas-lift, but it's broken. They're still waiting for someone, and as you sit there, you wonder how they got the table through the door. The taste of burnt coffee lingers between your teeth. New barista? For 4 cups of coffee, you're surprisingly calm. Though you shouldn't really be surprised - you've been drinking 4 cups for the last month. Another intern rushes in, and the meeting starts.

"Welcome to Nascordia"

If you're like most people, you haven't heard of Nascordia before. In fact, at one point in time, no one did - that was when Nascordia didn't exist. And even after Nascordia was incorporated, it didn't exist in the minds of people until much later on. But now, after reading my little recount, Nascordia definitely exists in your mind (as well as a vicarious memory of coffee abuse).

An idea, company, or brand cannot exist without people knowing about it. If no one knows your brand, does it really exist? Each time someone learns about your brand, you're effectively recreating it, and this new brand is always a little different to everyone else's perception of it. By ensuring these new impressions are always good impressions, you can gain the upper hand in the busy market of today.

Here at Nascordia, we alter the way your brand presents itself through channels such as web design, copy writing, and marketing, to make it leave a lasting positive impression.


As with a full service marketing company, Nascordia offers market consultation and planning, advertising strategy and creation, graphic design, press relations, and social media management, in addition to web design. Nascordia, however, approaches these areas with the perspective that minute changes in the sensory data delivered to consumers may result in large differences in brand perception and consumer action. Beginning from it's inception, Nascordia remains one of the few, if not the only research active organisation dedicated to the field of impression management.


Head Office: Brisbane, Australia
Research Office: Tokyo, Japan

Due to the obscurity of this imminent field, and the near absence of experience, Nascordia draws upon a global network of team members. These operatives are often engaged in university research or corporate R&D while simultaneously being a part of Nascordia. Only after establishing themselves in the field, are they are invited to relocate to either our headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, or to our research lab in Tokyo, Japan.


Finding great design is hard. Finding great impression management is even harder.

With project deadlines looming, and budgets virtually nonexistent, you're somehow expected to deliver. We get it. That's why our process is designed to make working with us a breeze. Unlike other companies, you won't find any automated client areas, or support desks manned by offshore, underpaid workers, nor any bureaucratic red tape.


It all starts with a single, short and simple email to us at hello@nascordia.com